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Welcome to the YMPF Blog and 4 Similar Organizations to be Aware Of


About Us

Hello to all our lovely new readers and welcome to the official Young Media Professionals Foundation blog!

YMPF is a platform that aims to connect young talent in media, marketing and advertising and provide them with opportunities that will enhance their career. Our mission is to provide equal opportunities, embrace diversity and inclusion and build a supportive community. Through this blog and other resources available on our website, we hope to connect students with seasoned communications leaders, share thought-provoking industry insights and make our audience aware of networking and professional development resources.

If you’ve followed us on social media since our launch, you’re probably aware of our efforts to expand our followers’ knowledge of various fellowship and mentorship opportunities on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn throughout the past year.

Unfortunately, many of the application and submission deadlines for the programs we’ve highlighted so far have passed. Here’s a rundown of the organizations you should be aware of to make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to get involved with them next year.

ANA Educational Foundation (AEF)

The ANA Educational Foundation (AEF) functions as a bridge to connect academic communities with marketing and advertising industries across the United States. Founded in 1983, the AEF joined the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) in 2015 as its educational foundation.

Each year, the AEF hosts the MADE (Marketing and Advertising Education) summer internship program to channel diverse talent into the field and give young professionals a way to secure entry-level jobs at top agencies and firms. The MADE summer internship program is geared towards junior and senior college students majoring in different specialties within communications. Alongside their internship, fellows are expected to attend seminars led by speakers from the advertising industry and network with their peers. Applications for the MADE program open in the fall and close mid-January.

International Radio and Television Society Foundation (IRTS)

The International Radio and Television Society (IRTS) Foundation is a charitable organization created as a common forum for all aspects of electronic media. The foundation is a great resource for those interested in entering the fields of entertainment, publishing, mobile advertising and more. For over seven decades, IRTS has been dedicated to advancing the careers of future media leaders.

Similarly to AEF, IRTS hosts a summer fellowship program. The program connects successful applicants to paid internships across the media industry, one-on-one mentoring and access to networking opportunities with previous fellows and other IRTS alumni. Applications for the program open in the fall and close in January. Ordinarily, the fellowship program would take place in New York City, but will be held remotely this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Washington Media Scholars Foundation (WMSF)

The Washington Media Scholars Foundation (WMSF) was founded in 2009 by Robin D. Roberts, the co-founder and CEO of National Media Research, Planning & Placement. Since its launch, WMSF has awarded more than one million dollars in scholarships to around five hundred students.

Twice a year, the organization awards students majoring in communications scholarships to support their future career endeavors. Applications for spring and fall fellows typically open during the late fall and summer, respectively.

Marketing EDGE

Marketing EDGE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing the future of marketing. Marketing EDGE has connected academics, students and professionals in the industry to the resources they need to succeed for nearly fifty years.

Over the last twenty-five years, the organization has awarded $704,000 to nearly two hundred and fifty students. Marketing EDGE also offers students a way to engage in four specialized programs to expand their career horizons: Career Forums, the EDGE Marketing Challenge, Collegiate Summit and FirstGen Initiatives. Eligibility differs depending on program requirements.

These four organizations and the opportunities they offer are just a handful of the professional development programs that the advertising and media industries have created over the years.


Check back each week to learn more about other opportunities for media and communications students!


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