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We are recruiting Volunteers

Are you a YMP, Young Media Professional, hoping to learn and build a community that can enhance your career? You've landed at the right page! YMPF is recruiting volunteers for the following roles:

Did we miss a role that interests you? Please let us know below!

We have a number of positions for each role. So apply!

Social Media Managers

Do you love social media, creating content and have experience? You have the chance to handle YMPF's social channels! Apply Now!

Blog Writers

Do you love writing, are a conversation starter, embrace diverse stories and want to be published! You have the chance to be the owners of YMPF's blog! Apply Now

Interview Host

Do you love building connections, talking to different people, being in front of the camera and learning from their backgrounds? This is your chance to host all interviews and events of YMPF! Apply now!

Community Strategist

Do you love building strategies and seeing results, do you have out of the box ideas and can't wait to execute them? This is your chance to build a community for young media professions! Apply Now!

Event Co-ordinator

Do you love online events, building connections are organized and an event planner? This is your chance to plan and execute events for YMPF! Apply now!

Come Volunteer at YMPF!

Expect to hear from us in 2-3 business days!!

What do you get?

Online Workshop
Exclusive Access to all Events

Exclusive Access to All Events

Exposure to the Community

Internal & External Exposure to the community

Portfolio Web Design
Build your Portfolio

Build your Portfolio & Resume

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